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All Generators Ship in 20 Weeks or Longer. No Sales Tax in 42 States*
All Generators Ship in 20 Weeks or Longer. No Sales Tax in 42 States*

Champion Automatic Transfer Switch 50 Amp NEMA 1 Model #100947

NEMA 1 Rated. Not Recommended for CA. See model 100950
SKU 100947

The Reliance Fast/Tran is an automatic transfer switch (ATS) purpose-designed to provide a safe and simple method of powering designated branch circuits from a permanently installed backup AC power source. The electrical-overmechanical transfer switching and interlocking system prevents accidental feedback of backup power onto utility lines. The extremely high speed switching system avoids the electrical appliance shutdowns that often occur with other transfer switches when transitioning from backup power back to utility power. This ATS consists of a utility power source and a HSB supply 2-pole switch which feeds a common bus. The two switches are mechanically interlocked so that both sources cannot feed the common bus at the same time.

The automatic transfer switch (ATS) is used for transferring electrical load from a utility power source to a home standby generator (HSB) power source. This transfer of electrical loads occurs automatically when the utility power source has failed or is absent. The HSB controller continually monitors the utility power source, when the utility power source is lost, a signal is sent to the generator to start, the HSB comes up to capacity, a signal is then sent to the ATS to close the utility power source supply line and transfer to HSB supply. The ATS prevents electrical feedback between two different power sources, for that reason, codes require ATS in all standby electrical systems installations. The utility power source supply line is continually monitored by the HSB control, once utility power is re-established and constant, a signal is sent to the HSB to come off line, a signal is also sent to the ATS to transfer from the HSB to the utility power source line. The HSB will then perform a cool down, shut off and be placed into the standby alert position. The HSB Engine Control Module ATS/OFF/MANUAL switch must be in the ATS position, and the ATS Control Module TEST/AUTO/OFF switch must be in the AUTO position for the automatic operation.


          • 50 Amp, 8 Space Load Center Automatic Transfer Switch
          • Emergency Essentials for Select Circuit Installation
          • Cost effective way to power the most important circuits in your home
          • Nema 1, Indoor Rated


            Model Number 100947
            Manufacturer Champion
            Made In USA No
            UL Listed Yes
            Type Automatic Transfer Switch
            Series Name 0
            Dimensions 4.5L(D) x 12.5W x 22.25H
            Gauge 0
            Switch Amps 50
            Switch Circuits 8 Space Load Center
            ATS Poles 2 Pole
            Switch Weight 21 lbs
            Consumer Warranty 24 Months Limited
            Shipping Dimensions 7H X 22W X 14D
            Shipping Weight 24 lbs


            Installation Manual