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Generac Smart Management Module (SMM) - 100 Amps #7006

by Generac
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Control loads independent of the automatic transfer switch. The Generac Smart Management Module 7006 manages 240-Volt 100-Amp Loads. Load Priority Setting determines which loads start and run first. Up to 8 Smart Management Modules per Generac Standby System control different loads with priorities set from 1-8.

A 240-Volt circuit from the circuit breaker panel supplies each Smart Management Module. During utility operation, the appliance or load operates normally. Under generator power, each load connected through a smart management module runs according to priority to optimize generator power. If the generator frequency falls below a specific threshold, the Generac SMM sheds the load.

Generac Load Shed Module

The Generac 7006 SMM Load Shed Module operates autonomously without additional control wiring. Power from the managed load supplies the module for easier and less costly installation.

Load Priority allows the most important items to run during an outage while other circuits wait. Each load has a different priority to prevent multiple loads from starting at the same time.

A Lock-Out Feature blocks specific loads from operating under generator power. Non-essential loads won’t run, freeing power for other loads. This reduces the minimum generator capacity required for a more cost-effective backup power solution.

LED Status indicates the current state of the Power Management Module: Load Connected, Load Shed, 30-Minute Lockout, Generator Load Lockout, or No Module Power.

Generac Smart Management Modules work with any Generac Single Phase Generator for maximum flexibility. The Generac SMMs have a NEMA 3R rating for indoor or outdoor installation.

Generac Single Phase Whole House Automatic Transfer Switches include a Smart A/C Module to manage up to four air conditioners without additional hardware. A properly sized generator can share priorities with up to eight Generac Smart Management Modules for a total of 12 managed circuits. Possible loads include electric ranges, dryers, water pumps, water heaters, hot tubs, and other loads plus up to four central air conditioners.

Generac SMM 7006

Generac 7006 SMMs operate independently of an Automatic Transfer Switch to control 240-Volt 100-Amp loads in a prioritized time-delay system that allows the generator to recover after starting each managed load. If the generator becomes overloaded, each smart management module sheds its load and delays an attempt to restart for 5 minutes plus the priority delay period.

The Generac 100-Amp 7006 Smart Management Module includes a 5-Year Consumer warranty. Compatible with all Generac Single-Phase Generators and whole-house automatic transfer switches. Up to 8 SMMs per generator system.



Generac 100-Amp Smart Management Module (SMM)

  • Designed to optimize the performance of a standby generator

Direct Replacement/Same Footprint

  • Easily swap out the older SMM with the new, hassle free

Self-Aware & Operate Autonomously

  • In-line installation means that No control wire required
  • Allows for faster installation, thus reducing labor costs

Frequency (Hz) Monitoring

  • Reliable & accurate measure of generator engine performance
  • Intelligent power management algorithm to prevents overload

Load Prioritization -Just Turn The Dial- Supports up to (8) SMM

  • Provides the flexibility to control of what circuits matter most

Lockout Jumper - Position A & B

  • A - Load is locked out on gen power
  • B - Load is locked out on gen power (for areas where utility has ripple current)

LED Module Status Light

  • Easily verify which essential circuits are receiving power

NEMA 3R Weatherproof Enclosure

  • Allows for indoor and outdoor installations

Compatibility - Generac Single Phase 50/60Hz Generators

  • Features a jumper that allows the module to be used in 50 Hz regions
  • Forwards/backwards compatible & for use with any switch

    Spec Sheets

    Model Number 7006
    Manufacturer Generac 
    240 Single-Phase
    Rated Amps
    100 Amps
    NEMA 3R
    5.8 Pounds
    Consumer Warranty
    1 Year
    Product Length
    11.39 Inches
    Product Width
    7 Inches
    Product Height
    5.3 Inches



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